Unwrapping Joy with Our Top 10 Gifts Under $50 for Green Thumbs

Our Top 10 Gifts for Green Thumbs Under $50

As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect gifts is on! If you're looking to spread some green cheer without breaking the bank, we've curated a list of our top 10 gift recommendations from Plant Folk Store, all under $50. These presents celebrate the beauty of nature, making them ideal for plant lovers and eco-conscious friends alike. 

1. Christmas Herbs Gift of Seeds ($11): Encourage loved ones to embrace their inner gardener with this Christmas Herbs Gift of Seeds. It's a small but meaningful gesture that promises the joy of growing fresh herbs.


2. Spanish Moss (Old Man's Beard) Wire Hanger ($14): Add a touch of bohemian flair to any space with this Spanish Moss Wire Hanger. Easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing, it's a unique and affordable present for plant enthusiasts.


3. Sunflower Polymer Clay Drop Earrings ($29): Embrace the beauty of nature with these sunflower-inspired earrings. Handcrafted from polymer clay, they add a touch of botanical elegance, fun and colour to any outfit.


4. Plant Bingo ($33): Spice up game night with Plant Bingo. Educational and entertaining, this game is perfect for plant lovers of all ages, combining fun with a touch of plant knowledge.


5. Carbon Neutral, 100% Recycled Pop Up Pot Set of 3 Jackie Anderson ($35): Give the gift of sustainability with this set of pop-up pots. Crafted from 100% recycled materials and carbon neutral, they're an eco-friendly way to showcase beloved plants.


6. Around the World in 50 Plants Jigsaw Puzzle ($39): Take a journey with this captivating jigsaw puzzle featuring plants from around the world. It's a great way to unwind and learn about different flora in the comfort of home.


7. We The Wild Proud Plant Mum Essentials Kit ($41): Celebrate plant parenthood with the Proud Plant Mum Essentials Kit. Packed with goodness like the We The Wild 'Grow' plant food and tonic, 'Protect' spray with added neem and 'Grow' slow release plant food, this kit is the perfect way to show appreciation for a friend's green companions.


8. Micropod Mini Starter Kit ($42): This Micropod Mini Starter Kit is a compact solution for growing microgreens at home. Ideal for small spaces, it brings the joy of gardening to kitchens, windowsills and balconies, making it a delightful gift for those who love to grow and care for their health.


9. We The Wild Plant Care Essential Plant Care Kit ($44): For those with a green thumb, this essential plant care kit ensures their leafy friends thrive. Packed with everything needed for healthy plant parenting, it's a thoughtful and practical gift from We The Wild.


10. Cup O Flora Lab2 Interconnected Self-Watering Growing Station ($49): Take their indoor gardening experience to new heights with this self-watering growing station. Perfect for urban dwellers, it brings a touch of greenery to any space while making plant care a breeze. Suited to many house plants such as Peace Lillies, Crotons, African Violets, Philodendrons and more!
Be sure to check out our entire collection of gifts under $50, we have almost 100 gifts to choose from, starting at just $6.99!

Happy gifting!

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