Unlocking the Secret to Thriving Plants: We The Wild Support Slow Release Pellets

Unlocking the Secret to Thriving Plants: We The Wild Support Slow Release Pellets

In the ever-expanding world of plant care, the key to unlocking your green oasis lies in the soil. We The Wild, a brand synonymous with innovation and sustainability in the plant care realm, introduces a game-changer for plant enthusiasts - the Support Slow Release Pellets.

The Soil Revolution Begins: We The Wild's Commitment to Nature

At the heart of We The Wild's philosophy is a commitment to harnessing the power of nature to foster optimal plant growth. The Support pellets are made by worms, not machines to not only support but transform your soil into a thriving ecosystem. These pellets are a powerhouse, specially formulated to nurture healthy root systems, making them a must-have for any plant parent.

Features that set We The Wild's Support Pellets apart from other fertilisers:

  1. Beneficial Microbes and Mycorrhizal Fungi: Packed to the brim with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi, these pellets create an environment that encourages robust plant development. It's like a nutritional boost for your plants' underground support system.

  2. Versatility in Use: Whether you're repotting, working with water propagations, or cultivating hydro and semi-hydro plants, Support Pellets seamlessly integrate into your plant care routine.

  3. Gentle on Plants: Say goodbye to the fear of shock or root burn. These pellets are designed to nurture without harm, ensuring your plants receive the care they need without the stress.

  4. Year-round Reliability: Safe to use on all plants throughout the year, the We The Wild Support Pellets provide consistent support, making them a staple product to keep on hand.

  5. Certified Organic, Pet Safe, Australian Made & Scientifically Backed: We The Wild takes pride in offering products that are not only effective but also environmentally conscious. Rest easy knowing that every pellet is certified organic, safe for pets, and backed by scientific expertise.

How to Unleash the Magic: A Simple Guide to Using Support Pellets

  1. For Repotting: Liberally mix the pellets through the soil during repotting. For existing plants, scatter a thin layer on the topsoil and gently dig in for a soil refresh.

  2. Propagation & Hydro: Add 1 tsp to 2 tbsp of pellets to your water, depending on the vessel size or hydro system. Change the water and pellets every two weeks or when the water becomes cloudy.

  3. Soilless Media: Mix 1-2 tbsp per 100g of leca, perlite, moss, etc., through the substrate. Top up with 1-2 tbsp every two weeks and change water and pellets every 1-2 months.

Embrace the We The Wild Difference

We The Wild Support Slow Release Pellets are not just a product; they're a commitment to a healthier, more sustainable plant care routine. Join the revolution, nurture your plants with the best and witness the flourishing beauty that nature intended. Embrace the We The Wild difference, and let your house plants thrive like never before!

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