Introducing Micropod’s New & Improved Growmats!

Introducing Micropod’s New & Improved Growmats!

The Micropod team has been tirelessly working for the past six months to improve your microgreens growing experience. The results are remarkable improvements made to their new Growmats and Microgreen Seed Packets!

Unparalleled Growth in Every Climate

Say goodbye to inconsistent microgreen growth in fluctuating climates. Micropod’s brand-new Growmats have been ingeniously designed to excel at retaining moisture, providing an ideal environment for your microgreens to flourish, regardless of climate conditions. Be it a humid tropical region or a dry climate, a cold winter or a scorching summer, Micropod’s new Growmats guarantee consistent growth and significantly higher germination rates for your microgreens.

More Seeds, More Microgreens

Micropod want to give you more for your money, and that's precisely what their improved Growmats offer. Now, you can expect to cultivate a plentiful crop, as the new Growmats now contain more than double the number of microgreen seeds compared to their previous Seedmats.

Easy & Convenient Microgreen Seed Packets

Micropod understand that simplicity and convenience are paramount when it comes to enjoying the art of growing. Just wet the Growmat and sprinkle the seeds on top. Each Seed Packet provides the perfect amount of microgreen seeds for one Growmat.

Embrace Nature's Authenticity

Micropod care about the environment and your health and that's why their Growmats are crafted from 100% natural, plant-based fibers. Their microgreen seeds are untreated and non-GMO, making them an ideal choice for organic growers who value the purity and authenticity of their harvests.

Start your microgreens growing journey today - shop our range of Micropod grow kits, growmats and microgreens accessories.

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