Brand Spotlight - We The Wild Plant Care

Brand Spotlight - We The Wild Plant Care

In a world where potted plants often suffer from the confines of their containers and the detrimental effects of synthetic products, We The Wild emerges as a refreshing force, championing a clean, sustainable, and nature-inspired approach to plant care. Founded by Josh Armstrong, this Australian brand is on a mission to not only revive drooping leaves but also to nurture a healthier, greener planet.

Breaking Free from Pot Boundaries:

"We The Wild believes that plants weren't made to live in pots," declares Josh Armstrong, Founder & Director. It's a sentiment shared by many frustrated plant parents. Potted plants often struggle to thrive, confined by the limitations of their containers. However, We The Wild challenges this norm, advocating for a return to nature's blueprint in plant care.

A Clean Break from Harmful Products:

The brand boldly steps away from conventional products that harm both plants and the environment. No more plastic-coated fertilizers, synthetic ammonia-based plant food, or petrol-based pesticides. We The Wild's formulas are meticulously crafted to be squeaky clean, echoing Mother Nature's methods. By replicating natural conditions, the brand works with the inherent instincts of plants, not against them.

Scientifically Backed Formulas:

We The Wild doesn't just rely on intuition; they've embraced rigorous testing. From home trials to lab experiments, the brand collaborates with leading biochemists to create products that not only enhance plant health but also minimise the ecological footprint of plant care. 

Green Thumbs, Green Planet:

Beyond individual plant care, We The Wild is committed to giving back to nature. With every product purchase, the brand plants a tree, contributing to the restoration of fragile ecosystems like the Australian bush devastated by wildfires. This simple action allows green thumbs worldwide to make a tangible difference in rebuilding natural disaster zones.

Proudly Australian, Responsibly Sourced:

We The Wild takes pride in being 100% Australian-made. The brand prioritizes traceability, ensuring that every ingredient in their products can be traced back to its origin. Unlike synthetic or unsustainably sourced alternatives, We The Wild partners with local environmentally-friendly businesses, utilizing organic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Certifiably Organic, Traceable, and Sustainable:

We The Wild holds NASAA certification (5544M), instilling confidence in users that their plant care is truly organic. The traceability of ingredients ensures transparency — every drop or grain can be traced back to its source. Sustainability is not just a claim; it's a commitment, evident in recyclable packaging that reduces carbon emissions during transportation.

In embracing We The Wild, plant enthusiasts are not just cultivating thriving indoor gardens; they're part of a movement towards sustainable, eco-conscious plant care that leaves a positive impact on the environment. The brand's dedication to organic, traceable, and sustainably sourced practices serves as a testament to their mission: growing green, thriving sustainably, and inspiring a global community of conscious plant lovers.

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